Thursday, April 5, 2007

War on Science pt 2: The right wing/neocons allergy to the truth is leading to the supprssion of good science

So big shocker, Bush and company have been working really hard to implement gag rules so scientists can't actually share "sensitive" (anything that in any small way contradicts the old idiot in chiefs "beliefs") data . It seems that Chimpy was scared by the fact that even the notoriously conservative SCOTUS has ruled that something needs to be done to control greenhouse gasses in this country. I think this is the biggest proof of Bush's autocratic tendencies. Outside of muzzling the press (why does he need to do that when he has Faux (Fox) news to spit out his propaganda) I thing muzzling scientists and their search for the truth and knowledge (which fundamentally is what science is at its heart) is a huge indicator of someone with stong dictatorial inclinations. It seems that truly nothing is illegal to our commander in chief, he seems to think HE is the law in this country and until recently the brown nosing congress let him think that (which is idiotic on so many levels- the most being they willingly let Bush castrate them!) Unfortunately, this has had some really bad side effects outside of just squashing good science (see pt1 about the left's paranoia).
We also have to contend with the Religious fundamental movement who seem to think every frickin world in the Bible is true no matter what scientific evidence shows. Their idiocy is completely obvious to most of the secular left, but it truly does blind mainstream americans (many of whom are christians) to the true issues. Like the fact that they are no pushing that vaccinating agaisnt HPV will increase sexual promiscuity, so we shouldn't do it! Oy. I dread to think what will happen if/when an HIV vaccine comes out. OH NO! It will encourage homosexual behavior, lets ban it!
And if this wasn't bad enough their idiocy about evolution is proof of their DELIBERATE ignorance. This whole thing about intelligent design vs. evolution is so patently inaccurate but not for the reasons most people think. The right has hijacked the theory of intelligent design and equated it with Creationism. The purest earliest ID theory in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM is Creationism. ID said evolution happens but why? Randomness can not explain it. That in order for the highly sophisticated patterns of evolution to work there must be a guiding force behind it. That's like their OTHER idiotic argument on evolution (and global warming too for that matter) that not all scientists think its occur so therefore it can't be real! Ah yes, one or two loonies disagree with mainstream thought so it must be wrong. The "debate" on evolution they here is this- random or not? and also on how it occurs, slow accumulating mutations over time or short large bursts of mutations.
However that being said about mainstream beliefs vs. a few disagreements by the fringe element, science must also be careful to not let accepted belief on a subject tread into dogmatic orthodoxy and inflexibility in looking at novel concepts and I will address it in my final post about the war on science.

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