Monday, April 2, 2007

War on Science pt 1: How the anti-intellectual left endangers science and also helps the neocon/Bush agenda

So I keep hearing this crap from the RW/Christian Fundamentalist movement about the war on Christians (the so called "war on christmas" although Stephen Colbert's "war on Easter" is very funny). Utter and complete bullshit. How can there be a war on a group that controls much of the government? But there is without a doubt a war on science and it seems to have not one, not two but THREE major fronts. The threats are from the extreme left, the right (I would have said extreme right but there doesn't seem to be much difference these days) and even within the field of science itself. So I will be posting a series of three blogs on the subject, spaced over the next few days.
Now, because of Bush's allergy to having ANYTHING regulated, and his friendliness with notoriously unethical and greedy corporations anything new on the market scientifically seems to automatically be filed under "unsafe" and "unethical" (see Gardasil- a marvelous new way of looking at a cancer treatment- a vaccine to prevent it has been smeared as an "unsafe" product only put out to make money and is using young girls as guinea pigs. No doubt Merck screwed itself with its shady marketing strategy especially with its connection to the Republican Governor of Texas- but that's another topic.) So now it seems that to the Left any scientist who works for a biotech is a greedy unethical pig only wanting to make money at "innocent" peoples health and safety. And government scientists? They must also be bush dupes because Bush people run EVERYTHING. I am tired of Merck (who again has made its mistakes) being totally trashed (yes, Vioxx is a disaster) but they have done and are doing very helpful research. And the trashing of the FDA! The FDA has built in regs to keep greedy corps from overstepping bounds (Good Laboratory Practices,(GLP) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)). I wish people would understand its the lack of ability of the FDA, USDA, and EPA to enforce their own regs that's the biggest problems. Its this unthinking distrust of scientists as "merkies" and "bushie dupes" that not only divides the opposition but actually in some ways empowers this horribly corrupt group of politicians. Its the uninformed that are more easily led and even though the left would deny this, the willful distrust and disinterest in rationale thinking is something the Bush administration promotes. How many people still equate Saddam Hussein with September 11th? The total misuse of the fear in this country after 9/11 made us easily led. Had more people been inclined to think things through instead of just being fearful, we would not now be in the mess in Iraq we are in.
So by discrediting scientists in general, who knows what unsafe crap (both biologically and otherwise) will be foisted on an unthinking populace or to put it a different way, what life saving biologic will be ignored because of the fear of the unknown.

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Chris said...

This is, I think, one of the more dangerous threats; scientists get complacent, expecting the left to be the home of rationailty. Sadly, this is not always the case.