Monday, July 2, 2007

For the Fourth...Freedom to think for ourselves

With the approaching holiday, its time to think about the history of this country and to celebrate what the Founding Fathers accomplished. Well I have some issues with them. I think they left out something when they wrote the Declaration of Independence. They wrote that all citizens have the "Unalienable Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness". Well somewhere in that talk of Liberty they forgot to add something about the right to listen and learn and pursue the truth without hinderance or in other words the freedom to think for ourselves and not what the government WANTS us to think.
More and more it seems like our government likes to play the terrorist card. Much like al-Quaeda its in Bush and Co's best interest to frighten us into unquestioning obdeience. Because if people stop and think about what liberties are now being denied us in the name of being "free from terror" than Bush and friends won't get ANY of the things they want. Some it seems still think for themselves but less and less these days.
And what's worse the backlash from the way Bush and Company behave is making many so paranoid that fear that the government COULD be involved in something is blinding many to the reality of things and again causing an inability to reason things through. For instance a wonderful new vaccine that was recently approved as a way to prevent cervical cancer, a novel new technology, and a scientific breakthrough -never before had it been possible to use a simple vaccine as a preventive measure against cancer. But because of fear and paranoia (and some bad pr and marketing strategies on the vaccine makers ) it became an "untested substance foisted on young girls as a way for Bushie type corporations to make money". This is far far from the truth.
So my wish for the Fourth of July is this: Freedom from fear-mongering and the freedom to think clearly and rationally again without hindrance.

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