Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My health issues:Colonoscopy and endoscopy of stomach

So last Friday I had both of these procedures done to see if they can pin down exactly what is wrong with me. By far the worst part was the night before. I had to drink 6 glasses of ginger ale spiked with a phospho soda to clean me out. Ugh. Not only was the drink nasty (and the first 3 glasses did not stay down) but the "cleansing" was not exactly pleasant. For those of you who have heard of the spa treatment called "calonics" thats exactly what that is. A voluntary cleansing. Ugh. Although it did clean me out and I had a couple of days free from the stomach/intestinal problems that had been plaguing me. They seem to be back so it was only a temporary relief it seems. Not something worth doing again if you ask me. Anyway the procedure itself wasn't that bad. I remember watching my doctor gown up in the procedure room and next thing I know I am stirring in bed wondering why I wasn't in my own bed...I didn't even notice them add the sedative to my iv. Anyway, the only noticeable things from the procedure was a bit of gastritus in the stomach. They did a biopsy on that and are testing for H.pylori, the bacteria associated with ulcers. Its possible that I have this bacteria and its irritating the stomach walls which could account for the lack of appetite and the loss of weight AND possibly the vomiting. Its possible then that I caught what might have been the beginning of an ulcer. The doctor is also checking to see if I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) something I have suspected for years. The last thing they are checking for is possible Celiac's disease. This would be incredibly ironic if true. Celiac's disease means you can't digest any kind of gluten like wheat rice rye or corn. Yes, the infamous wheat gluten! There is definitely a tinfoil hat part of me that is looking at this being really bad just in the last month or so and wondering! It could be very ironic that I thought I needed to protect my kitties from wheat gluten and it may turn out to be more of a "threat" to me. Ah well. It will be two weeks before I get my results. I would bitch more but I do realize that since they are probably doing a bacterial culture that does take some time. More and more something a friend said to me recently seems to be the case. He said "it seems like since they don't really have a clue what's truly causing everything, the doctors are just going to settle for treating the symptoms". That does seem to be the case. I go to my hematologist on Wednesday and hopefully he will finally green light me going back on my meds for my ET. I think that will really help some....

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